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The 2018 Krewe of Pontchartrain Parade will be held Saturday, February 3rd, 2018.


Sign up today to ride on a float in a genuine Mardi Gras parade!

Are you planning to be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras? Looking for something exciting to do? Why not join the Krewe of Pontchartrain and take a ride on a float in a real New Orleans Mardi Gras parade! For $775 per person, you get a pre-parade breakfast on the morning of the parade, a costume and throws for the parade (long beads and cups), and an after-parade party at the Ugly Dog Saloon in the Warehouse District. Interested? Find out how you can ride in the Krewe of Pontchartrain parade!

Mardi Gras is steeped in tradition and has been celebrated in Europe since the Middle Ages - New Orleans’ celebration of Mardi Gras was brought over from France. Originally, Carnival was created as a period of merriment that served as a prelude to the penitential season of Lent. It took the great city of New Orleans to transform this centuries-old tradition into “America’s Greatest Party”.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is unlike any other celebration in the world. Every year, New Orleans plays host to numerous parades. Each parade is organized by a separate organization called a "Krewe" – the Krewe is in charge of every aspect of their parade. A typical Mardi Gras parade is made up of many components: the Captain (the leader of the organization), the King and Queen, float riders, marching bands, horse units, drill teams, guest celebrities and other attractions.

The parade travels through the streets of New Orleans led by the Captain and ruled by the King and Queen. Following behind the Captain and the King and Queen are floats full of riders tossing beads and cups (called “throws”)to thousands of spectators shouting, "Throw Me Something Mister!" The combination of people, parades, and fun is what makes Mardi Gras in New Orleans the "Greatest Free Show on Earth!"

Crowds awaiting the parade on Canal.